Using my nervous breakdown for LinkedIn thought leadership
Cards Against Work
Using the 'Employee of The Year' trophy as an assault weapon
Cards Against Work
Livestreaming layoffs on YouTube
Cards Against Work
Pouring vodka into the water dispenser
Cards Against Work
My secret hack to work life balance is
Cards Against Work
🙅 Cards Against Work 🙅 Cards Against Work 🙅 Cards Against Work 🙅 Cards Against Work 🙅 Cards Against Work
Everything you experience at work – distilled in a card game.
Recommended by 9 out of 10 HRs.*
45 prompts
120 answers
Unlimited combinations
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How does one play
Cards Against Work?
  1. Players are called employees. Each employee picks up ten white cards every round.
  2. Every round, one employee becomes the manager. Like a corporate participation certificate.
  3. The manager picks up a purple question card.
  4. Every employee tries to win the manager’s heart with the funniest answer to the question or prompt.
  5. Manager picks funniest answer and employee wins a point. Others feel dejected.
  6. Ok mama, now manager change.
  7. Repeat until break is over, or work dread takes over.
I almost got fired for _____
Cards Against Work
This office party is wild. It even has _____
Cards Against Work
NPS spike caused by _____
Cards Against Work
Three-hour lunch break. Reason:
Cards Against Work
The HR team loves _____
Cards Against Work
An underrated perk of working from the office: _____
Cards Against Work
A CEO’s biggest nightmare?
Cards Against Work
Apologies for the inconvenience, our servers were down for a whole hour because of _______
Cards Against Work
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Every card is fun
Aparna Chugh, Shipping Tomorrow
Hilarious and dark
Arnav Gupta, Scaler
Had a good laugh.
Sameera Khan, inFeedo
Was fun, lol
Raj Kunkolienkar, Stoa
Mock coworkers without sneaky tweets
Aishwarya Hariharan, AtomicWork
Why did we, a B2B insurance and health benefits company, create a card game?
At Plum, we believe in connecting with our audience in ways that are engaging, memorable, and enjoyable while staying true to our brand's mission.

Cards Against Work is our unique initiative towards this goal. It's not just a card game but a representation of our brand's spirit - innovative, disruptive, and fun. While the game humorously encapsulates feelings about work, we hope it initiates dialogues, promotes empathy, and creates more understanding work environments.

We have audacious goals for our brand and are not afraid to take unconventional paths. This card game is just one of our many initiatives aimed at disrupting the norm.
Meet the makers